Disney The Lion King Classic Pride Lands Playset

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The Lion King has been a timeless classic ever since its original release in 1994, and the recent live action movie remake has helped to preserve the magic for another generation. The incredible Lion King Classic Pride Lands Playset is the ultimate play set for your child to enter the incredible, vast world of The Lion King and unlock their inner sense of colourful imagination. The Lion King teaches children about friendship, family and rivalry, as well as the exotic world of the African savanna. Reenact the classic tale of the Pride Lands and create your own adventures and stories with this fabulous toy set

  • Includes the famous three figurines; Simba, Timon and Pumbaa, each with a rich backstory to explore.

  • There's inspiration for new adventures to take these characters on: with hidden passes, a working vine lift, boulder launches, a bone trap and a trap door all included, there are so many ways to engage with these classic characters.

  • This play set is the ideal size - it's not too small and fiddly but it won't take up too much room either.

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3 years+



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