Dolu Max Power Truck

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Children will love to drive around and get creative with the Dolu Max Power Truck.

A traditional bright yellow dumper truck, this toy is fantastically versatile and great for play in a sandpit, a water tray or on grass or concrete. The possibilities are endless!

With its six wheels, it’s easy to move through sand or on different surfaces, while its tipping container is ideal for transporting sand, water, rocks, toys or any number of items that kids want to get involved in their play.

Children can transport themselves and their Max Power Truck to a whole range of wildly imaginative locations, from a South African safari to a building site in New York or a quarry in the UK.

The truck can even act as a great taxi for teddy bears and toys – what better way to encourage the kids to have a tidy-up after they’ve finished playing?

  • Recommended for children aged 3+

  • Perfect for play in sand or water, or on grass or concrete.

  • Traditional yellow dumper truck, with six wheels.

  • Tipping container can transport a range of items to stimulate imaginative play.

  • Product dimensions: 35x83x31cm

  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

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Recommended age:

3 years+



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