Dolu Mega Loader

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The Dolu Mega Loader is the perfect companion for exploring sand, whether your little one is having a day at the beach or simply enjoying a sandpit at home or at pre-school. This toy has four powerful wheels that help it to boldly explore any terrain, and the two claws at the front and back of the vehicle are ready to scoop up and move mountains of sand. This toy truck is great for building in the sandpit, whether your little one wants to dig a huge hole or build a towering sandcastle.

The bold colours of this toy are really eye-catching for kids, and it’s a great addition to their collection of outdoor toys. The Dolu Mega Loader develops dexterity and helps kids to explore and understand their environment; this toy is a wonderful choice for open-ended play. They will be entertained for hours as they explore everything they can do with sand.

  • Suitable for children age three years plus.

  • Measures 39 x 69 x 38cm.

  • Features a large and small claw.

  • Encourages open-ended play.

  • Fantastic for playing outside.

  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

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3 years+



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