Dolu My First Slide

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The Dolu My First Slide has been specifically designed for your toddler to safely play and explore movement. The red and blue brightly coloured slide is made from durable, tough and waterproof plastic that enables it to be used outdoors and inside the home. It can be placed on a variety of surfaces such as grass, carpet and wooden flooring.

My First Slide is a welcome addition to any home as it encourages and helps your child to develop their coordination skills, sense of balance and gross motor skills. The slide is incredibly stable and features easy-grip handles that have been incorporated into the steps to keep your toddler safe as they climb. Simply clip them into position.

This brightly coloured slide is very quick and easy to assemble and will take up minimal storage space when not needed. The slide is also very easy to keep clean as you simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth. It can also be left outdoors.

  • Quick and easy to assemble and store away when not needed.

  • Can be used outside or inside.

  • Tough, durable and waterproof material.

  • Slide measures 70cm by 117.5cm by 48.5cm.

  • Suitable for children aged 24 months and over.

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2 years+



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