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Take on the hilarious egg roulette challenge with Hasbro's cracking twist, Egged On! Take turns to pick your egg from the box, be sure to choose the right one or get wet! Bringing a whole new meaning to 'egg on your face', this suspenseful and eggcellent game is fun for the whole family. Why not take a crack at this fantastic blend of practical 'yolk' and board game?

Some eggs are filled with water, while others are empty, so choose wisely! Players take turns choosing one plastic egg to crack on their head, but if they choose incorrectly they'll end up with the 'yolk' on their face. The last player left dry is the winner. Don't get in a scramble, enjoy this eggcellent game with your whole coop!

  • Includes plastic egg carton, 10 refillable plastic eggs, spinner with plastic arrow and base.

  • Eggstraordinarily easy and simple to play.

  • Be sure to dry the outside of the eggs before playing - don't give the game away!

  • Moves include crack a single egg, crack 2 eggs, egg another player and skip a turn.

  • Suitable for 2-4 players aged 5 and up.

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