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If your little one is growing up fast and needs some slightly older books to enjoy, why not try out Roald Dahl? These unique and quirky stories have been popular with kids for a long time. This is in part due to the funny character names Dahl uses, the distinctive illustrations and the humour he injects into his tales. Esio Trot is a classic example and ideal for any children aged 5 or over.

It tells the story of Mr Hoppy who lives alone in a tall building. Mr Hoppy loves Mrs Silver who lives downstairs and he soon comes up with a plan involving cabbage and tortoises to woo her. This is the perfect book to fire their imagination and give them something fun to read at bedtime. It is also superb for developing their vocabulary and helping reluctant readers to enjoy the written word. Once your kids have finished this book, there is a whole range of other Roald Dahl stories to try out next!

  • Fun and quirky story from well-loved children's author Roald Dahl.

  • Perfect for children aged 5 and over.

  • Full of eye-catching illustrations from Quentin Blake.

  • Great for quiet time during the day or reading before bedtime.

  • Superb books for developing vocab and imagination.

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