Fairytale Belle - Toddler Costume

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Relive a tale as old as time, with this beautiful Disney dress that's based on Belle's ballgown. Your child can feel just like their favourite Beauty and the Beast character, as they glide around the room in this dressing up costume. Whether they're going to a fancy dress party or simply playing at home, they'll look the part when they're wearing this.

The Fairytale Belle costume, in size Medium for five to six year olds, features a bold red bow and a picture of Belle on the front. It's as glamorous as the original dress, from the Beauty and the Beast animated movie. When your child is playing, they'll develop important skills like role play, empathy and creativity. They can imagine new stories of their own, or remember their favourite scenes as they bring them to life at home.

For Halloween, this dress makes an elegant alternative to traditional spooky fancy dress. At any time, it's the perfect addition to a child's dressing up box or wardrobe.

  • Size Toddler, for two to three year olds.

  • Based on the Belle dress from Disney's animated movie.

  • Features a picture of Belle on the front.

  • Encourages role-play skills, creativity and empathy.

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