Fat Brain Dimpl Duo

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Fat Brain have been manufacturing market-leading educational toys since their inception in 2002. The Dimpl Duo is a simple yet wonderful addition to their collection, mixing colours, shapes, touch and language into one fun toy.

The first side encourages tactile play, where your little one can touch six embossed shapes and press the pliable and easy-clean silicone buttons for pushing and popping fun. Labelled in both English and Braille, learning is seamlessly mixed with the game in the thoughtful Dimpl Duo that invigorates a sensory education. For further excitement, simply flip the tablet, squish the now smooth buttons and help your little one develop more language skills by naming the bright colours with their matching words!

Compact and durable, the Dimpl Duo is an entertaining toy for the home and perfect whilst on the go. It is also safe and is not only made with food-grade silicone, it is BPA-free too.

  • Unique design that effortlessly mixes education and play.

  • Words written in Braille encourage diversity and tactile, sensory learning.

  • Double-sided for double the fun!

  • Robust and long-lasting but still fun and easy for children to touch, press and pop.

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1 year+


Fat Brain

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