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Keep your baby or toddler happy and busy with these three squashy suckers. Babies over 6 months can squeeze, chew, pull and explore the textured surface of these fun and colourful Pip Squigz. Each one is covered in bumps and ridges, ready to be explored by little fingers. With noisy pops and rattles, these little portable toys become a full sensory experience.

Distract your little one in their highchair, or keep them busy in the bath, with this trio of attention grabbers. Car journeys with your toddler will be made easier with them engrossed in making new shapes and making fun sounds with these popping BPA-free silicone toys. Develop their little minds with fun games and make-believe while you take a few minutes to yourself knowing your baby is busy and learning.

  • High-quality BPA-free silicone material makes these toys feel nice and squishy and ensures they are safe to chew.

  • Perfect for babies and toddlers aged over 6 months.

  • Find any smooth surface and push the sucker down. Perfect for pushchairs, high-chairs and tables, the suction cup leaves no mark afterwards.

  • These toys are easy to clean and are even dishwasher safe.

  • These colourful little attention-grabbers have been tested to the highest safety standard.

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6 months+


Fat Brain

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