Fat Brain Squigz Starter Set 24 Pcs

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Stick, throw, stack, build and pop with these super little suckers!

Squigz are fantastic fun for kids to get to grips with. They stick to any surface and so are great for indoor and outdoor play, and even in the bath!

They can be stuck to surfaces as well as each other, and so can be used to build anything from a rocket to send to space, to a car to zoom around the house - wherever your imagination takes you!

Simply then pop them apart and start all over - perfect for imaginative and creative play!

Kids can even make up their own game of darts as Squigz can be safely thrown as well and will stick securely to the wall.

The pieces leave no residue behind and so can even be used as a height chart for growing youngsters, and a whole host of other activities.

They are also incredibly satisfying to pop apart and a great stress reliever - you’ll end up having as much fun as the kids!

  • Suitable for children aged three years and up.

  • 24-piece starter set.

  • Ideal for imaginative and creative play.

  • Stick to any surface via suction technology.

  • Leave no sticky residue.

  • Squigz can be thrown, stacked, used to build and then popped apart.

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3 years+


Fat Brain

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