Fat Brain Tobbles Neo

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Stack, spin, wobble, then topple and start all over again!

Tobbles Neo is the perfect toy to engage and stimulate little minds and hands.

Made with bright, cheerful colours and a satisfying texture, the Tobbles Neo pieces, with their soft, rounded edges, are ideal for little ones to grip, hold and explore with both their hands and eyes.

The individual pieces can be stacked high, but beware! They will wobble and spin when in place, so they might not stay stacked for long!

Tobbles Neo’s stacking pieces are designed to provide a whole range of experiences and sensations to explore and discover, and so are perfect for developing minds.

Not only is it a lovely toy to keep your little one occupied while you get on with daily tasks, but you might even find yourself totally distracted while you watch them learning and exploring in front of your eyes.

  • Suitable for children aged six months and up.

  • Comes with six spheres and one stacking base.

  • Bright colours to engage and stimulate little ones.

  • Perfect for little ones to engage in stacking, toppling and spinning.

  • Enticing texture.

  • Ergonomically designed for little hands.

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Recommended age:

6 months+


Fat Brain

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