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Critically acclaimed children’s author David Walliams does it again with this new and hilarious book, Fing. Myrtle Meek is the ultimate spoilt child. She wants so much, and then a bit more, and then even more! But when she realises she doesn’t really know what she wants any more, she demands a Fing. The only problem is, Myrtle’s parents have no idea what a Fing is, or how to get one.

Follow their quest to keep the miserable Myrtle happy, as they explore the jungliest jungle, veer into the vaults of the spooky library to find the Monsterpedia’s dusty pages, and more mishaps along the way. Will they ever find the Fing that Myrtle so desperately needs?

David Walliam’s imaginative and funny children's book is once again beautifully complemented with illustration from Tony Ross. 

  • Beautiful illustrations throughout

  • Suitable for all ages

  • Read together with younger children

  • Older children can read solo

  • Good story to read to multiple children

  • Good for primary school class reading

  • Great teacher’s resource for exploring imagination and creativity

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5 years+



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