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Aimed at babies 6 months and up, Fisher Price’s new Learn With Me Zebra Walker is the perfect toy to encourage learning in a natural and playful environment. With activities such as turning book-pages and twisting dials that light up or make a noise, the Zebra Walker is ideal for entertaining a child while aiding their development. Not only is this a great toy for a one-year-old, but it also moves with them through their toddling phase due to its sturdy four-wheel base and easy-grip handle – the perfect toy to take their first steps with!

Learn With Me Zebra Walker also makes an ideal gift for young children due to its bright colours, sounds and lights; with lots to do, children can learn to share and develop their social skills. It also helps them to learn their ABCs and simple counting without it feeling like a chore. After all, children learn best when they aren’t aware they’re learning! This is a versatile children’s toy, and parents will feel assured that their little one is learning and growing while they play. 

  • Easy-grip handle and four-wheel base for safe walking

  • Variety of finger activities to entertain and improve hand-eye coordination

  • Bright colours attract baby's attention

  • For babies 6M+

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6 months+



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