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Fox in The Socks


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A hilarious read-aloud book, Fox in Socks is a Dr Seuss classic that little ones will love to listen to. With sentences like 'You can make a quick trick chick stack' and 'When tweetle beetles battle with paddles in a puddle, they call it a tweetle beetle puddle paddle battle', can you get your mouth around this bedtime story?

Fox in Socks introduces young children to a wide range of sounds in a fun way. It's one long tongue-twister, with great rhythm and rhyme that's sure to engage toddlers and older kids. Children that have learned the basics of reading can even try to tackle this fun Seuss book on their own. With great Dr Seuss illustrations throughout, this book is entertainment for every age.

The first time you read Fox in Socks, you'll likely stumble over many words. But, it'll become a book that your child requests again and again. Soon, you'll be an expert at tongue twisters and even the irrepressible Fox won't be able to trick you!

  • An entertaining tongue-twisting children's storybook.

  • Written by world-famous author Dr Seuss.

  • Features classic illustrations full of charm and colour.

  • Ideal for read-aloud bedtime stories.

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3 years+


Harper Collins

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