Funnybones: Dinosaur Dreams

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Funnybones: Dinosaurs Dreams is another imaginative book from Allan Ahlberg, author of the beloved Jolly Postman, and illustrated by Andre Amstutz, about a family of skeletons and their adventures. This follow up book revolves around the little skeleton, the big skeleton and their skeleton dog once again but this time with dinosaurs! Roar!

The skeletons start to dream about dinosaur skeletons in a museum. As they walk around the exhibits they quickly realised they are being followed and soon they are being chased around by a t-rex skeleton. Oh no! Luckily the little dog skeleton can join in their dreams too and he's on hand to save the day!

Funnybones: Dinosaur Dreams is a humorous book with cheeky skeleton characters to fall in love with, and eye-catching bold coloured pictures contrasting with a black background to keep your child's attention

Great fun for bedtime storytelling or just a day to day favourite! Published by Puffin, this book is aimed at children 3 years and upwards.

  • Repetitive text for your child to read along with.

  • Sing-a-long songs to join in with, featuring Them Bones!

  • Simple words that are ideal for children that are starting to learn how to read.

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3 years+



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