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With sensors built-in to its mouth and head, this eye-catching Baby Munchin dinosaur provides fantastic fun and interaction for little ones. Capable of responding with more than 35 sound and motion combinations, this reactive reptile will roar when you wave at him and jump for joy when it is time to be fed one of his favourite treats - the caveman cookie or a healthy piece of broccoli.

However, his unpredictable nature and fussy eating habits mean that his treats are not always well received. Dependent on his disposition, he will either crunch his way through them or spit them back out.

Suitable for children age 36 months and over, this toy allows children to engage in creative play and learn about these extinct creatures that roamed the earth more than 50 million years ago.

Always content when glugging on his bottle, this lovable prehistoric pet is also fitted with poseable arms to guarantee countless hours of entertainment and childhood memories!

  • Brightly coloured and interactive baby dinosaur.

  • Responds with more than 35 sound and motion combinations.

  • Offers educational value and encourages imaginative play.

  • Includes pet, bottle, broccoli treat, caveman-cookie treat and instructions.

  • To activate Rex move the switch to the ON position and then press down on the tip of his tongue.

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4 years+



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