FurReal Check-up Zandi Monkey

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This cute and cuddly baby monkey is really feeling under the weather! She’s going to need a kind helping hand to get her feeling healthy again. It’s time for a check-up!

The FurReal Check-up Zandi Monkey is a lovable interactive pet for young children who want to experience caring for a cuddly creature all of their own. Tactile, responsive and fun to play with, It’s a great way to help gently introduce young children to the subject of pet and animal care.

She comes with a colourful stethoscope and chunky thermometer included to help little veterinarians nurse her back to health. Press the stethoscope (or your fingers) gently against her chest to hear her heartbeat and use the thermometer to pretend to check her temperature.

This captivating critter will respond to your care with a selection of sounds (and coughs) to let you know how you’re doing, responding when you gently tilt her head. With a little bit of care and attention, she’ll be feeling better in no time!

The interactivity and feedback are super-engaging for young minds and it can really help spark their imagination and build compassion for animals.

  • Audible heartbeat.

  • Several cute monkey sounds.

  • Includes stethoscope and thermometer.

  • Recommended for 4 years+.

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Recommended age:

4 years+



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