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Almost as good as a real puppy, your little one is sure to fall in love with Ricky, The Trick-Lovin' Pup from the FurReal collection by Hasbro. This adorable animal toy will keep the whole family entertained with his amazing tricks.

Your child will be so delighted when this little pup performs. Ricky can balance his bone on his nose and with a verbal command, watch amazed as he flips it into his mouth. He is also well trained in giving 'paw', just reach for it and he will hand you his paw for a puppy handshake. Reward your good boy for his tricks with one of his tasty treats.

The interactive puppy toy also shuffles his feet when he is excited and will give you loving little licks. Such a lovely toy for children who love animals and dogs.

  • Ricky, the Trick-Lovin' Pup, an interactive plush dog toy that performs tricks, including barking a tune, shaking paws, and flipping his bone.

  • With more than 100 sound-and-motion combinations - including sounds, movements, and tricks - there is so much fun to be had.

  • Reward Ricky's good behaviour with treats - he will happily eat them up and pop them out when you pet his back.

  • Suitable for ages 4 and up.

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4 years+



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