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It is time to shake your tail feathers along with the FurReal Rock-a-Too Show Bird! Hasbro's star of show-biz features three modes of play for a truly entertaining experience. Whether singing and dancing, repeating your phrases or cracking jokes, the Rock-a-Too Show Bird will steal the stage. He can shimmy, shake his tail feathers, nod his head and flap his wings along to your own music, or break out into one of his own original song and dance routines. Simply wave your hands or play a tune in front of him to see the star of the animal kingdom boogie!

As with any good parrot, the Rock-a-Too Show Bird will copy your words and phrases - simply press his beak to record your own voice and hear him repeat it back! Used to being centre stage, this parrot loves attention and so will show you some loveable affection if he is patted and praised. The Rock-a-Too Show Bird is the perfect pet for young performers.

  • FurReal Rock-a-Too show bird dances, sings, tells jokes and does impressions.

  • Over fifty sound and movement combinations for realistic and engaging performances.

  • Features three original song and dance routines that can be copied by young performers.

  • Wave your hands or play music in front of the Rock-a-Too Show Bird to see him dance.

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