Gangsta Granny

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Now a popular CBBC series and stage show, Gangsta Granny is another comedic romp from best-selling and beloved children’s author, David Walliams. The book explores tolerance and acceptance whilst never veering from being utterly hilarious.

Ben hates staying with his grandmother, who is cabbage obsessed and boring. Ben has his own weird obsession though - he wants to be a plumber and nothing will stop him in his dreams. Ben’s parents don’t approve of his plumber aspirations and want him to become a top ballet dancer. Amidst this sea of intolerance and unease, Ben discovers that his grandmother has a secret, something bigger than he could have imagined. But he’s hurt his grandmother’s feelings by not wanting to stay with her, so how will he mend those bridges so he can join his granny’s secret life?

Tony Ross’ amazing illustrations bring the book to life, complementing the text perfectly. A great book to read together for younger children or for older kids to read solo.

  • Paperback, 306 pages

  • Illustrated throughout

  • Great teaching resource for alliteration, comedic writing and tolerance

  • Best-selling author David Walliams, shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize for The Boy in the Dress

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6 years+



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