Giraffes Can't Dance

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Gerald the Giraffe is so tall and he wants to join in with the jungle dance. All the other animals are enjoying the dance, but Giraffes can’t dance, everyone knows that. Follow Gerald’s journey from being ashamed that he can’t dance like the other animals to finding his own step, quite literally, as he discovers he doesn’t need to dance just like everyone else at all. In this bright and funny children’s book, pre-schoolers will enjoy learning about tolerance, doing your own thing and above all, having fun.

A colourful romp for toddlers and pre-school children, Giraffes Can’t Dance has been delighting kids and their parents for over 15 years now. Best-selling author Giles Andrea and illustrator Guy Parker-Rees have created a “wonderfully funny” lesson in inclusion and finding your own groove - perfect for teaching kids about their own individuality and how to accept others who might be different to them or their friends. This is a book to read again and again!

  • Inspirational story

  • Lively, colourful pictures, perfect for younger readers

  • Light-hearted and fun

  • Rhyming verse

  • A modern classic

  • Strong message delivered in a fun and engaging way

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3 years+



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