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Unleash your inner Picasso! Glowpad is a fantastic toy that lets your child show off their creative skills.

Using one of the two neon pens provided, simply draw your picture on the Glowpad and when your creation is complete, push the button to light up the pad and see your drawing glow in all its glory. Then just wipe the pad clean and begin the next masterpiece.

Any scene can be created, from a rocket in space to an underwater mermaid scene.

There are eight different LED settings to choose from, including an exciting colour change light show.

The Glowpad is great for developing creativity and allowing children’s imaginations to blossom. The toy is really easy to use and is sure to provide hours of entertainment as youngsters draw picture after picture, seeing how the different LED settings can bring their drawings to life.

  • Recommended for children over the age of four.

  • Manufactured by Diamont Toys.

  • Use the two neon marker pens to create your masterpiece.

  • Eight LED settings to experiment with, including a colour change light show.

  • Simply wipe clean and draw a new picture after each use.

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Recommended age:

4 years+


Diamont Toys

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