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At the end of a long day of childhood adventures, curl up in bed with Goodnight Moon. This children's story book is by Margaret Wise Brown and has been told at bedtime for generations.

A simple story makes Goodnight Moon perfect for younger listeners. It's a soothing lullaby in book form, as a little bunny says goodnight to all of his surrounding belongings. Goodnight Moon was selected as one of BookTrust's Best Bedtime Reads for Newborns but is easy to enjoy with children up to school age.

Goodnight Moon is illustrated by Clement Hurd, influenced by Margaret Wise Brown herself. Margaret believed that a children's book illustration should reflect the way a child sees the world. As a result, this book is filled with simple bold images that young children can easily engage with.

The use of soft rhythm throughout the story is perfect for babies and toddlers. Soothing and poetic, Goodnight Moon could easily earn a place on any child's bookshelf.

  • Written by Margaret Wise Brown.

  • A beautifully poetic and gentle story, perfect for bedtime reading.

  • Simple images that engage babies and toddlers, illustrated by Clement Hurd.

  • Award-winning story, voted one of the Best Bedtime Reads for Newborns.

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