Grace 45cm Rag Doll

Grace 45cm Rag Doll


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Grace is a 45cm rag doll, with blonde hair and a sparkling princess dress. She's a cuddly soft toy that's a friend for every adventure, with large eyes and an adorable expression.

Grace could become your child's best buddy, taken out and about or cuddled at bedtime. This plush toy doll is snuggly, soft and comfortable, and could also act as an empathy doll encouraging children to talk about their own feelings and other people's. Whether you're putting on a show or simply settling down in the evening, having this toy by their side will build your child's sense of security and confidence.

The Grace doll is not a recognisable character, though has similarities to fairytale princesses. As a result, she's a blank slate for your child's imagination. Grace's story is entirely your child's design. They can use their own imagination to play with Grace, or use her as a prop in their favourite fairy stories. Grace's sparkly dress and shoes are sure to make her a favourite toy box resident.

  • Cuddly soft 45cm rag doll.

  • Encourages creativity, imagination and empathy.

  • Based on fairytale princesses, with a sparkly gown.

  • The perfect companion for bedtime and everyday adventures.

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3 years+


A.B. Gee

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