Grapat 10 Element Treasure Basket

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This set of wooden treasures from Grapat contains 10 different pieces which have been designed for the Grapat Treasure Basket. Using this toy as part of your child’s open play helps to improve their logical and mathematical thinking. It is also a great way to start of discovery and sensorial games which are the first steps in children’s imaginative play.

In the Grapat Element Treasure Basket set are 10 different elements that have all been made from natural wood and treated with wax. The wood used is completely sustainable and is robust so that it is both tactile, eco-friendly and safe for your little one too. Included in the set are a series of different shapes such as balls, rings, coins and spoons which small hands will love to explore.

Grapat creates toys that come with no instructions to encourage your child’s open-ended play. Children can take their time with these toys, encouraging them to invent their own little worlds and stimulating their minds. The products are all made by hand and all of the natural wood veins can be seen through the waxes and stains so that each element is completely unique.

Invite the cornerstone of heuristic play into your home by choosing the Grapat Element Treasure Basket. Great for open-ended and Montessori play.

  • Includes 10 fun different pieces

  • Encourages sensory learning and imaginative play

  • This toy is suitable for children aged 10 months and older

  • All elements are made using natural wood and non-toxic stains

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1 year+



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