Grapat 12 Mates - Rainbow

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All of the colours of the rainbow have been beautifully presented in this Grapat 12 Mates set. Each piece has a different colour and has been wonderfully carved using the best sustainably sourced eco-friendly wood. All stains and waxes used to create these products are water-based, meaning they are completely non-toxic. The size of the Grapat Mates are perfect for little hands to grasp and hold.

If your child is a fan of open-ended play, investing in a toy from the Grapat range such as these Mates are perfect for developing their colour recognition, sorting and matching skills. They are also great additions for sensory play with younger children.

Grapat are a Spanish company who handcraft all of their exquisite toys. Each cup has been lovingly made to measure at around 4.5cm tall. Use these as a toy by themselves or incorporate them into other games your children enjoy playing. 

  • The Grapat Mates are recommended for children aged 12 months and older.

  • Each Mate measures in at 4.5cm high.

  • All Mates are made using a natural wood and a non-toxic stain and wax.

  • Colours and wood grain may differ from Mate to Mate as they are made using all-natural materials.

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