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Inspire a never-ending world of creative play with the Grapat 12 Nins wooden peg doll set. This toy may be simple but its possibilities are limitless when combined with a child’s imagination. These cute characters have no set age, gender, or mood - your little one has total freedom of expression whilst they play and can create any world they choose. These simple peg dolls are perfect for role-playing, storytelling, and making up plays, so it’s a fantastic toy for encouraging language development, as well as for any child with a creative streak.

Grapat’s 12 Nins come in an eye-catching variety of rainbow spectrum colours that will delight and excite tiny tots. Easy for little hands to grab onto, these lovely wooden dolls are great for learning to count, playing with puzzles, and learning about colours. The 12 Nins will open up hours of learning and creativity for any child.Great for open-ended and Montessori play.

  • Suitable for age 12 months plus

  • Comprises 12 wooden peg dolls measuring 6cm each

  • Made from natural wood with a water-based stain

  • Great for Waldorf style play

  • Exact colours and wood grains will vary

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1 year+



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