Grapat 12 Rainbow Bowls

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This set of beautifully handmade 12 Rainbow Bowls from Grapat is the perfect wooden toy for little ones from birth.

Designed to encourage hours of Montessori play, your child can develop the creativity and imagination of an ever-growing mind. The set of 12 pastel-coloured wooden bowls adds beauty and balance to play, enabling your child to openly explore their brimming imagination with action-focused and interactive games.

Putting their fine motor skills to the test, they will explore colour, size and shape as well as discover the endless possibilities with marbles and other counters for additional maths and counting games.

Children just love the process of filling up, emptying out, loading, sorting, hiding and finding, and these rainbow bowls are the perfect safe toy for them to experiment with. Made from wood from sustainable forests and using non-toxic, water-based stains that allow the natural wood grain and texture to shine through, you can have peace of mind in this traditional children's toy.

These Grapat 12 Rainbow Bowls are the perfect toy for expanding the mind and firing the imagination of a little learner.

  • Encourages open-ended play

  • 12 beautifully crafted wooden bowls in engaging rainbow colours

  • Natural wooden toy crafted from sustainable sources

  • Water-based non-toxic stains

  • Suitable for children from birth

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