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Your little one is sure to enjoy playing with these fun little Grapat Palos peg people. Each character features small eyes and a big hat in different colours. These toys make the perfect accompaniment for open-ended play, so why not try them out with other toys in the Grapat range such as the Mates? These creative and simple little wooden toys will give your little one hours of enjoyment and imaginative play. This set includes 18 Palos characters in shades of 6 different colours.

Grapat is a family business based in Spain which is noted for its inspirational designs that allow for more independent play in younger children. Every Palos in this range has been carefully crafted by hand to engage younger and older children alike. All of the toys in this set open your child up to a world of different play opportunities, keeping them occupied for hours in their own imagination.

Each Palos has been made using sustainably sourced wood and stained using a non-toxic and water-based dye. All of the toys have passed the European toy safety regulations and are completely safe even when chewed. 

  • The Grapat Palos set is recommended for children aged 10 months and older.

  • Each Palos is 7cm tall.

  • Grapat toys are only made using natural materials.

  • Colours and grains may differ from those pictured.

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