Grapat 18 Wooden Spools

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The Grapat Wooden Spools encourage your child to develop their construction, logical and mathematical skills from sorting to counting. With this simple yet brilliant toy, children will learn to recognise all kinds of shapes and colours included in the 18 piece set. Using the coloured spools gives your child the opportunity to use open-ended play to strengthen and encourage their fine motor skills. Stacking the Wooden Spools also helps develop hand-eye coordination.

These Spools can be used in a number of different ways during play. Use string to thread the spools together and create interesting patterns. You can even use them with other toys in the Grapat range to further build your child’s imagination.

The Grapat Wooden Spools come in a variety of shapes and colours. This product follows on with the Grapat ethos of having a toy that is simplistic and needing no instruction. This encourages your little ones to become more adventurous with their imagination.

Grapat toys are handcrafted using sustainably sourced materials from the local area. Each piece is unique and has been thought about carefully to make the dimensions perfect for little hands. 

  • Wooden Spools are recommended for children 10 months and older.

  • Each spool measures at around 4.5cm in both diameter and height.

  • Grapat Wooden Spools are made using only natural wood and non-toxic stains for colouring.

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