Grapat 3 Little Hoops

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The 3 Little Hoops from Grapat are a pleasingly simple, tactile and smooth addition to any baby's toy collection. The wooden hoops can be used for children from birth as an all-natural teether. The shape also helps develop your child’s grasping skills too. While this toy has been designed to be a teether and grasping tool, your children can also use it as they get older for other games and play too.

All of Grapat’s toys have been designed to boost your little one's desire to play. The simplicity of the toys sculpted from natural materials allows a child to explore free play without the boundaries of rules and structure. This way a child can discover and learn through play. Grapat toys are made using products of the Earth, creating their line from sustainably sourced wood and finished off with a stain that is water-based, meaning they are completely safe for children of all ages. Continue to nurture your child’s development and growth by using the imaginary worlds created by Grapat.

  • A simple teether and grasping toy that is suitable for use from birth.

  • Finished in a non-toxic stain, meaning that it won’t chip or cause any harm to your child.

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