Grapat 6 Baby Nins

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There's so much to love about this cute and colourful Baby Nins set from Grapat.

These six little wooden dolls give little ones the chance to engage in truly open-ended play. Because the Baby Nins are genderless and expressionless, your child is free to create any playtime scenario they wish. Baby Nins are the perfect figures for playing happy families or acting out a favourite story, but they're also great for counting games or for playing skittles - the only limitation to their play value is your child's imagination!

The Baby Nins also come resting in a coconut shell, which can be used as a little bed for them to sleep in, or as a boat, playhouse or den - the possibilities are endless.

Each of the six Baby Nins is painted a different colour, so children will learn to recognise colours as they play.

Adults will also love the fact that Grapat, the Catalonian company that makes Nin toys, only uses natural, locally sourced materials in all of its toys.

  • Manufacturer recommended age three years and above

  • Each Baby Nin is 3.8cm high

  • Made of natural, solid wood that's the perfect size for little hands to grip

  • Painted using natural, water-based stain products

  • An eco-friendly toy

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3 years+



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