Grapat 6 Houses

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Watch as your child creates a neighbourhood straight from their imagination using the Grapat Houses. These wonderful houses are made entirely out of natural wood and have a shape that will help your little one instantly recognise them. Younger children can use these houses to make streets or even separate them for more open play. Enjoy these houses with other toys in the range such as the Grapat Nins or other kinds of peg dolls.

Grapat Houses are the perfect toys to help your child with their imaginative play. New worlds can be created and children will be encouraged to understand more about everyday social interactions. If you are a fan of the Montessori and Waldorf collection this is the perfect addition to your set.

The wood used in this product comes from forests that are sustainably maintained. The wood itself is robust meaning that it has long-lasting durability. The stains used for the colouring of the houses are completely non-toxic so all pieces are safe for children to put into their mouths. 

  • This toy is suitable from birth.

  • Grapat toys are handcrafted using only natural wood and water-based stains for colouring.

  • The wood grain is completely visible through the staining meaning every house will look different due to the nature of the materials used.

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