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The Grapat Extras Rounds is a great set that includes 6 different coloured wooden balls, 12 semi-spheres and 12 curved discs. All of the toys in this set are perfect for open-ended playtime. Each toy can be used to help develop your little one's stacking, counting and recognition skills. Watch them make lovely shapes and enjoy as they discover endless possibilities with Grapat toys.

Every element of these toys has been hand made from the best natural and sustainably sourced wood. All stains and waxes used are water-based making them completely non-toxic. Each tactile piece of the set is great for younger and older children. Younger children will enjoy each item as part of early years play, and continue to use the Extras Rounds with older children for more complicated games.

Grapat toys add a new dimension into independent play. Every item in their range is a great introduction into how children can learn and develop through playing with simplistic toys. 

  • This toy is suitable for children aged 10 months and older.

  • Each ball measures 45mm in diameter.

  • All of the items in this set have been made using an all-natural wood and a water-based stain for colouring. Materials used are completely non-toxic.

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