Grapat Stacking Figure

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Grapat wooden toys have long been popular with both children and parents alike. This classic stacking figure set shows just why with its beautiful finish and fun design. Although this gift works in the standard way any stacking toy does, a neat feature makes for superb open-ended play. If you and your child build this together in a certain way, it will look like a human figure.

You can then spend many hours making up stories around the character and whether they are happy, sad or tired. It is also possible to re-arrange the figure into any shape you both feel like next. The wooden pieces are just the right size for smaller hands and are easy to stack together. As such, this toy is great for helping to build your child's fine motor skills. Having to grip the pieces and manipulate them into place will help their overall development no end. Both tactile and gorgeous to look at, this is another awesome toy from Grapat.

  • 18cm in height when built

  • Hand-made for a true artisan feel

  • Only natural wood used with water-based wood stain

  • Be advised that wood grains and colours may vary

  • Helps to encourage development of fine motor skills

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1 year+



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