Grimm's 3 in a Boat

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Set sail with this colourful little boat, perfect for young children who are learning to build and stack.

Little children will love the bright primary colours of the boat and its people. The blue curved base of the boat is designed to rock, and to bring the boat to life, the three figures are painted in red, blue and yellow.

The boat perfectly fits with the much-loved nursery rhyme "Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub and who do you think they be?" Creating hours of fun singing together or as a fun activity on its own or combined with other Grimm's toys for construction play.

The boat and figures have been carefully built using sustainable wood, making this toy one which will last for a whole childhood. The colourful boat and figures also use natural plant-based stains, which further shows Grimm's commitment to sustainable toys which are built to last.

  • Encourage hours of open-ended play

  • Foster creativity

  • Support the development of fine motor skills in young children.

  • Suitable for ages 12 months and up

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1 year+



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