Grimm's 6 Rainbow Wooden Balls

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Perfect for young children bursting with enthusiasm, energy and creativity, Grimm’s 6 Rainbow Wooden Balls are a blank canvas on which kids can create their own unique playtime experiences.

Coming in six distinctive rainbow colours, the paints are non-toxic, so there is no need to worry about them finding their way into your child’s mouth.

The water-based stain is entirely child friendly, and the natural wood grain adds a sense of understated beauty to these charming toys.

Presented in a charming eggbox-like container for ease of carrying and access, Grimm’s 6 Rainbow Wooden balls are designed in a deliberately simple way to encourage children to find their own uses for them.

Ideal for games of catching and throwing, for use as play food or as components in their first lesson in juggling, the range of possibilities is limited only by your child’s creativity.

Useful as an educational tool as well; encourage your child to explore the colour spectrum or take their first steps in learning addition and subtraction.

Nurture your child’s creative mind as you spend quality time with them while finding new and innovative ways to play with Grimm’s 6 Rainbow Wooden Balls.

  • Each ball is 4.5cm across and they come in a handy box for storage and safe-keeping

  • Suitable for 12+ months

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1 year+



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