Grimm's Big Rainbow Semi-circles

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Grimm's big rainbow semi-circles are a classic wooden toy, bursting with colour and potential for imaginative play.

The simplistic design leaves all options open, and it's up to you and your kids where you want to go with the endless possibilities offered by this toy.

The toy is brilliant in catering for all ages from 12 months up. Little ones will love sorting the 11 wooden pieces by size to create colourful rainbows, which will give them brilliant visual stimulation as well as helping in the development of hand-eye co-ordination. Older kids can express their creativity by arranging the pieces into new patterns and designs.

The big rainbow semi-circles really come into their own when combined with other toys from the Grimms' wooden range. Playing with this toy in combination with the Grimm's large rainbow set creates a really special construction experience, as the pieces can be combined to make large colourful structures, be it a tower or even your very own rainbow dolls-house!

Add in the wooden blocks, and you have a recipe for endless possibility, and hours of fun building towers, houses and even magical rainbow cityscapes! The only limit is your own imagination - and with kids, there's no limit to that.

  • Suitable for children aged 12 months and up

  • Encourages hours of imaginative play

  • Helps improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination and pattern recognition

  • Traditional wooden toy decorated with non-toxic water-based stains

  • Largest piece measures 37 cm wide x 18 cm deep

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1 year+



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