Grimm's Cherry 12 Rainbow Friends

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Encourage your child's imagination and creativity with these classic wooden peg people! Practice counting, learn colours and sort the dolls in their wooden crate. The beautiful peg dolls have been carved from smooth cherry wood and finished in bright, warm colours that are created with non-toxic and water-based stains. The simple, sweet design encourages open-ended play, as children make up stories and play out scenes of their own creation with the peg dolls. These classic toys encourage your child's development by enhancing social interaction skills and teaching them about the importance of kindness and friendships.

Grimm's wooden toys are high quality, eco-conscious playtime favourites that are built to last. These well-loved classics are favourites of children, parents and teachers. They prove that the best developmental toys are the simplest. Education and fun don't have to be high-tech! Children are drawn to the bright colours and simple designs that give them room to experiment and play. Mix and match the Rainbow Friends peg dolls with other wooden blocks, houses, and building sets from Grimm's to create even more adventures!Great for open-ended and Montessori play.

  • Cherry wood with non-toxic, water-based colour stain

  • Handmade in Germany

  • Suitable from 12 months

  • Dimensions: Wooden crate 15.5cm long, Peg Dolls each 6cm high

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1 year+



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