Grimm's Coloured Bowls

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This adorable set of rainbow coloured bowls offers endless fun for little ones, from one-year-olds up to school-age children. Grimm’s coloured bowls will enthral toddlers as they stack them up and slot them together, and there are hours of fun play to be had using them for exciting games of hide and seek with smaller toys and objects. Older children can also play – the bowls make sturdy blocks for a budding builder or colourful pots and bowls for the head chef of a pretend restaurant.

The fun colours of this wooden toy have an endless appeal and will help to stimulate little minds as they try out different types of play and construction.  This beautiful toy is also brilliant for starting to learn about colours and numbers. A set of Grimm’s coloured bowls will provide never-ending fun for your toddler as they develop and grow.Great for open-ended and Montessori play.

  • Suitable for aged 12 months plus

  • Comprises five brightly rainbow coloured stacking bowls

  • Bowls range in size from a large red bowl to a small blue one

  • Made from solid alder wood

  • Treated with a water-based, non-toxic stain for safe and appealing colours

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1 year+



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