Grimm's Counting Stack Game

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This Grimm's Counting Stack Game is an allover perfect wooden toy to encourage interactive learning whilst discovering the beauty of maths and counting through hours of fun play. This toy is made up of various amounts of graceful wooden stacking pieces with each of the ten wooden rods all reaching an equal height to represent the number 10.

Each colour block tactfully represents a number defined by its height. Spend hours of educational play adding up the coloured blocks in a multitude of ways to reach that magic number 10. With endless amounts of open-ended play, this toy encourages engagement in essential math and counting skills through a perfectly aligned colour system. With light blue blocks representing number 1, dark green representing number 2, light green representing number 3, this creative and aesthetically pleasing system goes all the way up to number 10. With the added benefit of developing much-needed life skills in hand-eye coordination, concentration, dexterity, and motor skills, the Grimm's Counting Stack Game is a winner all around for the little learner.

  • Sensory toy: Hand eye coordination, dexterity, fine and gross motor skills, concentration, tactile awareness

  • This toy measures 26cm x 13cm and the blocks are between 1cm and 10cm in length

  • Not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts

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3 years+



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