Grimm's Fire

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Grimm's Fire might be a simple toy, but it's perfect for sensory and tactile play, and for helping young children with the development of their imagination and creativity.

This toy is suitable for all ages from 12 months up. It measures 12cm high, is made up of 5 nesting wooden arches and is beautifully carved and shaped to resemble a flickering flame. Each arch or flame comes in a different warm colour, creating a gradient effect and giving plenty of visual stimulation.

Grimm's Fire is a brilliant tool for imaginative and open-ended play. The flames can be stacked and unstacked to create new shapes and structures to play with. You might balance the arches on top of one another to build a colourful leaning tower, or place them next to each other to create a series of tunnels to drive toy cars through. Split up, the arches individually might become a fairy door, or placed together could be used to pen in toy farm animals. And of course, they invite more focused narrative play - such as little fires ready to be tackled by brave firefighters in the course of a game. The possibilities are endless, and little minds will love imagining many more scenarios and playing them out!Great for open-ended and Montessori play and developing construction skills.

  • Suitable for children aged 12 months+

  • 5 nesting wooden arches

  • Wood stained with non-toxic water-based colour

  • 16cm tall makes them the perfect size to handle

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