Grimm's Mobile Home Blue

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The beautiful Grimm’s Mobile Home Blue has been designed by Grimms Spiel and Holz Design and has been handcrafted for your child in Europe. This clever 14-piece set packs away so that your little one can carry their dolls house round with them using the carry string. The thick felt cover makes this toy very versatile and also ensures it’s the perfect travel companion for children.

The house itself fits together like pieces in a puzzle which when unpacked reveals a set of toys including two benches, a table, a set of shelves, 3 small beds, an oven/sink and 2 blankets.

Based on the principles set forth by Waldorf Steiner, Grimm’s toys have been specifically designed with the intention of helping your child develop and discover using imaginative play. The creativity and simplicity of this set mean there are no instructions. There is no end to the ways children can learn using this set because with Grimm’s toys you can never go wrong. Let your kids fall in love with the bright colours, creativity and imagination that goes hand and hand with this mobile home. 

  • Effortlessly packs away for easy transportation.

  • Includes 14 pieces to inspire imaginative play.

  • This toy is 19cm in length and 15cm high.

  • This toy is suitable for children aged 3 years and older.

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3 years+



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