Grimm's Rainbow Building Boards

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This set of Grimm’s Rainbow Building Boards will provide children with the inspiration for hours of creative construction fun. Included in the set are 11 wooden boards, all brightly coloured with a water-based, non-toxic paint that allows the beauty of the natural wood grain to shine through. Alongside their eye-catching colours, the boards also have a tactile, natural finish which children just love to hold and touch. They are the perfect size to be combined with the Grimm’s rainbow and semi-circle sets for endless building and balancing games or can be used on their own in a multitude of ways to inspire learning and development through open-ended play.

Children will love using these boards for stacking, sorting, building and counting. They can be used for making patterns and learning about colours and measurements or in a myriad of other creative and fun ways. The beautiful yet simple design encourages children to use their imagination and create their own play scenarios, so the possibilities really are as endless as your child's imagination! Great for open-ended and Montessori play.

  • Each board is 8mm thick, 7mm wide and between 10-37 cm long.

  • Natural wood with a non-toxic finish.

  • The set is suitable for children from the age of 12 months.

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