Grimm's River Pebbles Building Set

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Grimm's Toys has come up with another winner with this set of beautifully crafted pebbles. The 4 pebbles help spark your child's imagination for construction. You will love helping your little cherub to stack them on top of each other to make a bigger pile. This open-ended play set is not only limited to being stacked though.

The wooden pebbles can also be used as counters to help develop their maths skills or as play food in their pretend kitchen. The pebbles themselves are easy to hold for little hands and very smooth for extra comfort. When done with, this set is easy to store until your child is ready to play with it again. As both a tool to aid their development and a toy to give them something fun to play with, this is hard to beat. 

  • An open-ended gift that has many different play uses

  • Made from sustainable wood to the highest standards

  • Pebbles produced in a variety of fun, bright colours

  • Easy for young children to grip and hold

  • Individual pebbles measure 2.5cm in height and up to 12cm in width

  • Suitable for ages 12 months and up

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1 year+



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