Guess How Much I Love You

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“I love you right up to the moon - and back!”

First published in 1994, Sam McBratney’s wonderful children’s book has captured the hearts of generations of little readers and their families all around the world.

One evening when he is about to go to sleep in his bed of leaves, Little Nutbrown Hare says to Big Nutbrown Hare “Guess how much I love you?” The result is a friendly competition between the two to prove to the other that they love them “This much!” The simple story about the love between a little hare and his daddy makes a heartwarming read for you and your own little hare! You can follow them through their soothing countryside landscape in the gorgeous watercolour illustrations by Anita Jeram.

This book is perfect for bedtime reading with babies, or to be read independently for those not-so-little ones starting to learn to recognise words for themselves!

A must for any child’s bookshelf, Guess How Much I Love You has been translated into 57 languages, with 53 million copies sold worldwide. It’s a classic of children’s literature that children and adults will happily read again and again!

  • 32 pages with watercolour illustrations by Anita Jeram

  • Perfect bedtime book for your little ones

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