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Can you read your opponent like an open book while keeping your own closely guarded secrets? Find out how good your detective skills are with this classic game of Guess Who?

Challenge an opponent to a one-off battle or Championship test, where the first to win five games is crowned Guess Who? champion!

Both players secretly select a character from the 24 on offer and then attempt to guess the identity of the other’s character via a series of yes or no questions. Is it a man? Does he wear glasses? Is he bald? Beware, an incorrect guess will lose you the game!

This version of the game is based on the original table-top style rather than the handheld editions, allowing players to fully focus all their energies into trying to suss out which character their opponent has chosen.

Guess Who? is a great game for all the family to enjoy and encourages children to ask helpful questions and work out the clues on offer.

  • Recommended for players aged 6+

  • Not suitable for children under the age of three.

  • A two-player game, fun for all the family.

  • Play a one-off encounter or challenge your opponent to a Championship test.

  • Manufactured by Hasbro.

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6 years+



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