Halilit Cage Bell

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Cage bells ring... are you listening?

Your baby is bound to smile with delight when they hear the gentle jingle that the Halilit Cage Bell makes as it moves around.

This brightly-coloured toy bell would make a charming alternative to a rattle. The robust plastic cage keeps the little bell safely out of reach from tiny fingers, but the gaps are just big enough for your baby to see the bell glisten as it rolls around inside. The large, oval-shaped handle at the top of the cage is the perfect size to ensure little hands can get a firm grip.

As your child grows, they'll discover lots of exciting new ways to play with their cage bell. As their listening skills develop, they'll learn how to shake the bell in time with music. Older children will love using this toy as a prop in their role-playing games - they can pretend it's the playground bell, or the bells on Santa's sleigh!

  • Manufacturer-recommended age three months and above.

  • Available in an assortment of different colours (the colour you receive will be chosen at random).

  • Product dimensions 7cm x 7cm x 12.7cm.

  • Aids the development of motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.

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6 months+



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