Halilit Edushape 18cm Sensory Ball

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Encourage your baby's sense of fun and engage their senses with the Edushape 18cm Sensory Ball from Halilit. Help develop their movement and coordination with the brightly coloured ball that is easy to grip and easy to catch.

The soft and nubby texture is so appealing to little hands and mouths, while also developing important motor skills - from crawling to catch and kicking to walking. Start by encouraging your little one to roll it to you, work up to crawling by holding the ball out for them, and build hand-eye co-ordination further with games of catch.

After a tiring day of play and exploration with the Halilit sensory ball, parents can use the sensory ball to give the baby a soothing back and foot massage. 

  • Perfect first ball for your little one thanks to its soft and squishy feel and easy to grip material.

  • The 18cm diameter ball is brightly coloured to catch the attention of little ones and the appealing nubby texture will hold it.

  • Comes fully inflated, but it is easy to re-inflate if needed via the built-in valve.

  • Suitable for babies six months and over.

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6 months+



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