Halilit Edushape Sensory Snap Beads

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Let little fingers run wild with the Halilit Edushape Sensory Snap Beads.

These fun beads connect together and unsnap easily, with a pleasing sound, to enable your child to create a variety of long chains and fun shapes to play with. The flexible plastic construction of each bead encourages curious little hands to squeeze, pull and grasp. This will help supercharge their fine motor skills and encourage creative play from an early age.

Each bead is perfectly designed to fit in your toddler’s hands. The variety of textures on the Edushape Sensory Snap Beads, including lumps, bumps and raised patterns, will stimulate your child’s sensory development and grip. The exciting design and bright colours of these beads encourage them to explore, learn and play. As your child gets older, teach them to recognise colours and create patterns for even more fun.

Parents don’t need to worry about keeping them clean either, the durable plastic beads can simply be wiped clean, no matter what mess comes their way. They can also be easily stored, ready for the next playtime. 

  • Designed for children aged 12 months and over.

  • This toy contains 14 textured, connectable beads.

  • Made from soft, flexible plastic.

  • Brightly coloured design.

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1 year+



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